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Quality Management and Environmental Management Certification

Quality Management and Environmental Management Certification in OMNI-X

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In order to continually provide products and services that meet our customers demands, we introduced our own quality management system shortly after founding the company.
As the company developed the system gradually evolved and improved to that it was suitable to our needs.
From 2005, we use a special IDVS software system to support quality in OMNI-X, which was created to meet the specific needs of our company. 
This allowed us to make the most of the system and to get feedback, which allows us to analyse quality issues, react to anything which doesn't conform and fix the issues.


OMNI-X CZ takes an active role in environmental protection.
So, in 2007/2008 we introduced an environmental management system, the primary function of which we to reduce the risk of accidents which might affect the environment and to protect the health and safety of employees.


In 2010, both of our management systems were successfully certified by the independent certification body TÜV SÜD.
From June 2010 we are holders of CSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and CSN EN ISO 14001:2005 in field of "Design and production of tools for the cold shaping of pipes". 


Integrated management system in OMNI-X CZ


The general model of the quality management system in set up in line with Kocman, Perníkář: Quality and Metrology (VUT 2002). Because the undesputed result of introducing an IMS is the reduction in documentation, simplified orientation within in, more systematic management of processes and products of the company and more effective training of employeees, we started the process of implementing this in 2009 and managed to complete the transition to a fully integrated management system in 2010.


In OMNI-X CZ there are three basic systems of system management: quality management, enviromental protection and BOZP/PO.
The system is audited twice a year internally and once a year by an external body who provide the independent certification of the company.